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At PEAK CTS, we know what it feels like to have frustration, fear, and anxiety about being responsible for your organization’s revenue. You’ve likely wondered if it’s possible to have the confidence you need to hit your numbers and hit them early. We know you want to be an expert in your craft of sales and leadership, and it’s wrong that you don’t have the right resources and support to do that.

At PEAK CTS, we get it. We understand how hard it is to make your numbers without the right support. We understand the fear, anxiety, and isolation that comes with your position. We know what it is like to stand in front of a board and tell them our numbers and have them question everything. We have been there. With 23 years of experience we have raised over $140 million and our system has closed $500 million in sales for our clients. We have helped many people just like you overcome problems like not having the right prospects, the right team, or asking for business the right way. We have helped people just like you consistently hit their numbers and hit them early.


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We are committed to helping you become the sales leader everyone wants to work for and everyone wants to hire so you can stop feeling frustration, fear, and anxiety that comes with sales and fundraising.

The process is simple

Schedule a call with us and we will listen to your current goals and sales process.

We will find the best path to quick wins to get you on your way.

We will build a customized process and principles for you to consistently hit your numbers and hit them early.

Once you schedule a call with us, you’ll have taken the first step to leading your team to hit their numbers every time.

We believe it’s just plain wrong that you don’t have the right resources or support you need and deserve to be the sales leader everyone wants to work for and hire. We will help you hit your numbers every time so that you can consistently lead your team to success.

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